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The Mid Autumn Festival


From ancient times to the present, the Mid Autumn Festival is a grand festival of Chinese folk tradition. As a Chinese, it is destined to look up at the moon with the horizon on August 15th. When people are reunited with their families, enjoy the moon and visit the lake, the Mid Autumn Festival is endowed with such significance. It connects the warmth of the world with the scenery and beautiful scenery, so that people can feel the warmth, happiness and happiness of the members of the family, and at the same time, it brings strong homesickness to the homeless.

Chengdu ACT Technology Co., Ltd. also held activities related to the Mid Autumn Festival this year. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! The activities are divided into two parts:

Activity 1: each of us wrote greeting cards with festival blessing to express our love for each other and thank you for your help in recent years. In the coming days, we will stay together and make a better future!

Activity 2: pen, ink, paper and ink stone,  which are known as the four treasures of the study in China, was also used during this activity. Teams worked together to write ancient poems about the moon in calligraphy. Finally, the best team of fonts was voted and get prize.

Everyone are actively participating in this activity. We are also very happy with the planning of this activity arranged by the company. We hope that more foreign friends can know more about Chinese festival culture and Chinese traditional customs!