CNG Reducer ACT04

 ACT CNG pressure reducer, model ACT04, is a 3 stages electronic reducer for traditional systems.
Compact and very reliable, it is homologated in accordance with GOST standards.This reducer is equipped with a double regulation system to obtain always the best performances.Reducer inlet is provided with an adjustable fitting that has also the connection for pressure manometer.

Model ACT04 is available in 3 versions, dedicated to different types of engines: 100 HP - 140 HP and SUPER.


ACT-04 reducer

ACT CNG pressure reducer, model ACT04, is a 3 stages electronic reducer for traditional systems.
Compact and very reliable, it is homologated in accordance with GOST standards.This reducer is equipped with a double regulation system to obtain always the best performances.Reducer inlet is provided with an adjustable fitting that has also the connection for pressure manometer.
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